Dr Shafiq Ahmad Tariq

PhD research work: Pharmacological screening, Phytochemical Evaluation and Pharmacognostic
studies of Indigofera gerardiana and Crataegus songrica.

  • MPhil research work: Interaction of Antibiotic and chemotherapeutic agents with Acetyl cholinesterase in Red Blood Cells
  • Nisar M, Tariq S.A, Marwat IK, Shah MR, Khan IA Antibacterial, antifungal, insecticidal,
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  • Muhammad Nisar, Shafiq Ahmad Tariq, Ihsanullah, Nutritional levels of Indigofera gerardiana and Crataegus songrica k. koch. Pak. J Bot, 2009; 41 (3):1359-1361, 2009.
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  • Comparative susceptibilities of β – Lactamase producing isolates of proteus mirabilis to ceftriaxone alone and in combination with sulbactam. Abdul Jalil, Shafiq Ahmad Tariq, Iftikharud-Din Niazi .JPMI,22(4); 95-98.2008.
  • Serum testosterone levels in heroin addicts Nageen Yusuf, Jamil-ur-Rehman, Muddassir Ahmed Khan, Robina Riaz, Gul Nawab, Shafiq Ahmad Tariq J.Medical .Science.14(2); 92-95. 2006
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  • Antimicrobial activities of Crataegus songarica Journal of Medicinal Plants and Research
  •  Antibacterial activities of constituents from Berberis lyceum. Journal of Ethno pharmacology(submitted)
  • Antibacterial and antifungal activities of constituents from Taxus wallichiana Zucc.
  • Inamullah Khan, Muhammad Nisar, Mughal Qayum, Shafiq Ahmad Tariq Journal of enzyme
    inhibition and medicinal chemistry(submitted).



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