Biannual Research day Anatomy Fall 2017

The Bi-Annual Research day of Anatomy was conducted at the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Khyber Medical University. The aim is to,

  • Encourage students to develop an analytical and critical view of research
  • Impart the importance of research to junior students and extend an environment of mentoring amongst students at various levels of their research
  • Enable networking with invited guests from other departments

These are clearly linked to the University’s strategic aim of:

  • Creating a research, knowledge sharing and enhancement culture, to ensure that experience, good practice and know how are capitalised within and across faculties.

A brief overview of all academic and research activities conducted in Anatomy at IBMS was presented with emphasis on professionalism as well as timely management of research projects.

This year presentations included a spectrum of research activity from,

  1. MPhil Anatomy Semester 2 presented their literature review reports based on a critical analysis of five research papers on anatomy of the head and neck. This work is a part of their internal assessments and helps students develop an inquisitive mind and then guide it in developing presentable material.
  2. MPhil semesters 3 and 4 presented their research work as part of their annual review including topics,

Brain tumour cell lines

Infertility and PAP smears

Root canals of premolars and odontoblast cells

Pesticides MRL effect on organs

RBC in transfusion centres

  1. PhD students Semester 4 presented a gist of their research proposals
  2. Newly inducted PhD students also presented their research proposals

We had a good gathering of intellectual minds with Prof. Dr Jawad Ahmed Director/Dean, Prof Rubina Nazli, Dr Saadia, Dr Shahzad (Biochemistry), Dr Asif Ali (Haematology), Dr S. Hamid Habib (physiology), Dr Tayyab (Molecular biology), Dr Nazish (providing fruitful positive critique to the scholars.


Dr Zilli Huma

Associate Professor Anatomy