National Seminar on Genetic Disorders 2022

Are you interested in finding a cure for Genetic Disorders?
Then this seminar is for you!

The Khyber Medical University is pleased to invite you to the National Seminar on Genetic Disorders 2022. This great event will unveil the most outstanding research opportunities for new researchers in the field of cancer, genetic disorders, and many more human health-related fields. It will shape the possibility of controlling the spread of genetic diseases.

Each participant will receive a whole pack of knowledge from well-renowned figures in the relevant fields.
In this field-specific seminar, the certificate will be awarded against three criteria; Attending all sessions, completing on-site registration, and receiving feedback about the seminar.

Anyone, including health care professionals and workers, students, faculties, researchers, scientists, and patients, can attend the seminar, who have an interest in research, finding cures for genetic disorders, solving their research problems, and gathering knowledge in genetics, cancer, knowing potential strategies for preventing genetic disorders, possible treatments for genetic diseases and future research.

Get ready to meet at Khyber Medical University at NSGD2 on 13 Oct 2022.
Please visit the event website for online registration