MPhil Thesis Defence

Dr. Syed Shahmeer Raza, successfully defended his MPhil thesis under the supervision of Director IBMS Associate Professor Dr. Inayat Shah. Dr Raza is Co Supervised by Dr Umema Zafar and Dr Omar Malik. He the is 1st and only student to be awarded a Gold Medal Distinction in MPhil Physiology from the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, KMU, Peshawar. Upon successful completion of M. Phil Dr Raza is employed at Gandhara University as an Assistant Professor.

Candidate along with External Examiner and co supervisor.   Left to right: Dr Dur E Shehwar Ali, Dr. Syed Shahmeer raza and Dr Umema Zafar

Candidate along with supervisor.   Left to right: Dr. Syed Shahmeer raza and Dr Inayat Shah (Director IBMS)