Dr.Aslam Khan

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International Conferences (Abstracts and Posters)
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World Congress of  Basic and Clinical  Pharmacology,  Copenhagen,  Denmark,  17-23
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Abstracts and Posters Presented in National Conferences/meetings
1.  Saima  Abbas,  Samra  Bashir,  Aslam  Khan,  Anwarul  Hassan  Gilani.  “Pharmacological  basis
for  the  medicinal  uses  of  Trianthema  portulacastrum  Linn.  As  purgative  and
bronchodilator.’ 7
Health Sciences Research Assembly 2012, Aga Khan University Hospital
Karachi, Pakistan. 20-21, December 2012.
2.  Rai  Dilawar  Shahjehan,  Aslam  Khan,  Anwarul-Hassan  Gillani.  “An  insight  into  the
mechanism of antidiarrhoeal activity of  Buddleja polystachya  [Poster]”  Research Module
Poster presentation, Aga Khan University Medical College, February   2012.
3.  Maryam  Nazneen,  Aslam Khan,  Anwarul-Hassan-Gilani.  “Celtis  Africana-An  in-vitro  study
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Aga Khan University Medical College, February  2012
4.  Aslam  Khan,  Samra  Bashir,  Anwarul  Hassan  Gilani.  “In  vitro  and  in  vivo  efficacy  of
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Khan University Hospital Karachi, Pakistan. 9-10 March, 2010.
5.  Aslam Khan, Nataly Martini, Raul Caceres, Anwarul Hassan Gilani. “An International health
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Khan University Hospital Karachi, Pakistan. 9-10 March, 2010.
6.  Malik  Hassan  Mehmood,  Najeeb-ur-Rehman,  Aslam  Khan,  Anwarul-Hassan  Gilani
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7.  Aslam  Khan,  Samra  Bashir,  Anwarul  Hassan  Gilani.  “A  Study  on  the  diuretic  activity  of
Holarrhena antidysentrica”. Health Sciences Research Assembly 2008, Aga Khan University
Hospital Karachi, Pakistan. 28-30 December 19, 2008.   
8.  Aslam  Khan,  Arifullah  Khan,  Samra  Bashir,  Najeeb  ur  Rehman,  Anwarul  Hassan  Gilani.
“Pharmacological basis for the medicinal use of  Holarrhena antidysentrica  in gut motility

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