Dr. Shakir Ullah

Dr. Shakir Ullah (PhD, Post Doc)
Address: Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Khyber Medical university, Peshawar Phase V
Email: [email protected] Contact No. +92-346-9850144
Area of Interest
Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacogenetics
Alzheimer’s Disease
Neurogenetics and Epigenetic
Behavioral studies (Learning and memory) in epilepsy and Alzheimer’s Disease
in mice and Zebra Fish
Stem Cell and Gene Therapy
Population pharmacokinetics (PkD Modeling)

Flow cytometry
Power Lab
Patch Clamp and Local Field
potential (Electrophysiology)
Western Blot
Animal models (Knock out and
Knock Down) development for
epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease
using Zebra Fish and mice
Microscopy (immunofluorescence,
Electron Microscopy)
Micro Array
Cell culturing
ViewPoint and Ethovision
(Behavioral studies)
Stata 13, 16
Graph Pad Prism
In Silico Drug designing
R Software
Professional Experiences
1- Lecturer in Margalla Institute of Health Sciences December7, 2008 – April 16, 2012
2- Quality Control Analyst, Ipram International Pharmaceutical, Islamabad June 07,
2006-december 31, 2006

3- Hospital Pharmacist, North West General Hospital, Peshawar March 2 ,2014-July 1,

4- Research Associate in project (pharmacogenomics of antiepileptic drugs) at
Khyber Medical University (March 2014-May 2017)
5- Visiting Lecturer in Rehman College of Nursing (July 2015-May 2017)
6- Post doc Shantou University Medical College, China (March 2018-November 2018)
7- Lecture Department of Pharmacy University of Malakand Chakdara (November
2018-up to Now)

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Expert in Software and Data Bases
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Workshops, Conferences & Seminars Attended
❖ Paper presentation in 34th National conference of research association of pathology
King Edward Medical University Lahore
❖ 6th Annual Health Research Conference 2015 Khyber Medical University
❖ A Work Shop on Systemic Review/Meta-analysis (3CME)
❖ Workshop on SPSS for clinician Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar (Neurology
❖ Workshop on next generation sequencing Khyber Medical University Peshawar
❖ Poster presentation in 6th Annual Health Research Conference Khyber Medical
❖ Workshop on practical application of Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)
in 7th Annual Health Research Conference 2016
❖ Workshop on writing grant wining projects in 7th Annual Health Research Conference
❖ Full command on STATA, Minitab, SPSS and Graph Pad Prism (statistical softwares)
❖ Workshop on HPLC and facilitator in 8th Annual Health Research (one way to health)
Conference 2017
❖ 1st International Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ICQAHE)
held on December 18-19, 2017
❖ 4th invention to innovation summit KP 2018/22-23 November, 2018/ CECOS
University, Peshawar
❖ 1st National workshop on Molecular biology tools and techniques November. 12-14,
2018 University of Malakand
❖ Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacogenetic Dove Medical Press
❖ Frontier Pharmacology
❖ Frontier Neurology

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